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Here at Techno Hard Surfaces Ltd., we pride ourselves in quality workmanship. This is proved by our long term returning clients, most of which are Large Commercial Developers and General Contractors. 


Conventional Concrete Finishing

Decorative Concrete

Grinding And Polishing

Steel Trowel Finish - This is the most common finish for any interior floor surface. The process of achieving a steel trowel finish provides a tightly sealed and smooth to the touch surface for easy sweeping and cleaning of dirt and dust.

Broom Finsih - This is the most common finish for any exterior flat surfaces such as driveways, walkways, curbs and sidewalks. The broom finish on concrete surfaces offers added traction when exposed to the exterior elements.

Concrete grinding and polishing is an ever growing trend around the world, and Techno Hard Surfaces could not be more excited to offer this service to Eastern Canada!

With the largest fleet of husqvarna mechanical grinders and polishers in Atlantic Canada, we can take a conventional concrete surface and grind it down to expose the aggregates below the surface, and then polish the surface to a magnificently smooth, shiny and very original look. Colours can be added to the concrete mix during new installations, or during the grinding process of an existing surface to offer virtually endless color schemes and patterns to your unique floor. Aggregate color options are also available during new installations.

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Techno Hard Surfaces offers many options when it comes to decorative concrete. A few of our most popular choices include:

Exposed Aggregate - A decorative stone is added to the concrete mix, such as granite or other more colorful stone choices, and after the concrete is cast in place, a product is applied to the surface of the concrete to prevent the top 2-3mm of the surface from curing. This allows the surface of the concrete to be carefully washed off exposing the aggregate of choice. A sealer is then applied to protect the surface and provide a deep and colorful shine.

Stamped Concrete - Stamped concrete, much like it sounds, is achieved by carefully timing the curing of the concrete in order to use a pre-selected template to impress a pattern onto the surface of the concrete. After being stamped, and allowed to fully cure, a sealer is then applied to give a deeper color and high gloss to the concrete surface. Many colour combinations are available, as well as patterns. Common patterns include flagstone and slate.

Acid etching/staining - Acid staining is a great way to revive a plain or dull looking floor. Acids and stains are applied to the concrete surface to offer endless color options and designs. By creating templates, logos and slogans may even be etched into the concrete surface.

Saw Cutting

Techno Hard Surfaces Ltd. has a wide variety of concrete saw cutting machines to offer control joint/ decorative cuts to any sized concrete slab.

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